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Comic Art Appraisal LLC is proud to announce the completion of several major projects

 Comic Art Appraisal LLC is proud to announce that we have completed the appraisal of the King Features Syndicate Archive. A two year project, the archive contained well over 800,000 individual items. To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest such appraisal completed in our field.

The King Features Archive represents the largest collection of vintage, first generation proof sheets known to exist.   In addition to the obvious academic importance, the archive presents a great commercial opportunity. Current printing technology permits cost effective publication of high quality compilations of King Feature titles spanning over 100 years. New compilations have already begun to appear on the market and others are in the works. Ohio State and Michigan State University are the recipients.  

 In addition, we have also completed appraisals for the Dave Stevens Estate, the Jerry Robinson Collection as well as numerous appraisals for individual collectors and institutions for varying purposes. These include; appraisals for estate, insurance, donation, fair market value and distribution.

We continue to be a resource and available to professionals, collectors and institutions alike.

 If we can be of service, please feel free to contact us directly at: 1 (201) 652-1305.

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