Levels of Service

Comic Art Appraisal LLC focuses on collections. This may vary from a very valuable single item up to collections in the tens of thousands. Our largest appraisal exceeded one million items. With rare exception, we no longer accept requests to rate single items with an associated certificate.

We provide a free Professional Opinion of Value (POV) and this is sufficient in informing collectors or clients as to the value and/or importance of the items in question. Our contact page provides additional information as to guidelines. Click here to view.

Formal Appraisals – Tax, Insurance, Charitable Contributions, Disbursements and Estate appraisals or to establish an estimated retail value range, require a formal, thorough professional appraisal. This service is available for Original comic book art appraisals, Comic book appraisals, Original newspaper comic strip art appraisals, Animation art appraisals and Illustration art appraisals. Hourly rates apply. Please e-mail a brief overview of your requirements. Initial consultation is free.


We only appraise comic character collectibles. Comic books, original comic book art, original newspaper art, animation art, movie posters, toys and select illustration art. Individual Comic book appraisals are limited to books published prior to 1975. Collections after this date need to be evaluated and require additional information. Please check the inside of the front cover to determine the date. We will not appraise individual items with a retail value of under $25.
We will offer an evaluation for most individual items and collections at no charge and freely offer advice when we can. Appraisal fees for large collections or estate, tax or insurance purposes are at an hourly rate.

A common problem exists for books dated after 1974 to the present.  For further information regarding the value of modern comic books visit:
In particular FAQ #10.


Overview of Process and Services

Following is an overview of our services. Should you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact us:
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For a complete overview of our Appraisal services please click here.

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